Saturday, December 10, 2011

Breakfast with My Best Friend

I went to breakfast this morning with my best friend. I wore my favorite sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes. I did put on a bit of makeup, but only a bit. My unkempt hair was tucked under a ball cap, but its unruly manner still showed since one side refused to stay neatly tucked in. My dear friend looked very much the same. Instead of a ball cap she embraced the ever popular “clippy” for her hair. She wore make up, but only as a meager attempt to cover the lines left by sleep. She too wore a sweatshirt, no doubt one of her favorites. We chose a less than fancy place to eat. It was quiet (completely empty except for us) and the food tasted pretty good even though it was cheap. We were comfortable, and both a bit worn out. You could see it in her eyes--just that weary look that comes at the end of a long week. Mine showed more in my emotions being right at the surface of my speech. I think I hid it pretty well-but honestly, I didn’t try too hard, because she knows me. There really isn’t much to hide anyway. At this breakfast there was no fear that I needed to be anything but who I am. I was totally accepted, unconditionally loved, not pressured at all. I feel confident that my dear friend felt the same way. She had no guards up. She was just relaxed with no protective gear on. We had no need for any of that today. I really enjoyed this time. Although it cost us both about an hour of sleep, it was worth it just to connect in a meaningful way with someone I love.
What a blessing this time was for me. As I drove home I began to think how much that breakfast looked like my quiet times with the Lord. I just get up and find a quiet place where it’s just the Lord and me visiting. It does cost me sleep, but in return I get a beautiful visit with a friend that never pressures me to be anything but who I am. No need for makeup or beautiful clothes to cover who I am. I don’t have any guards up, I am relaxed because He knows me. He knows the me that is happy and content with life, and He knows the me that is broken and worn out. He knows the me that has it all together, and He knows the me that is on the verge of insanity. He knows the me that is an unrighteous sinner, and He knows the me that is a tremendous woman of God. We share it all. I don’t hide my many faces from Him; He doesn’t hide His face from me, and as a result He sees me—every part of me, and He loves all of it completely without a thought or reservation.  He can’t help Himself but to love me, and I can’t help myself but to love Him because we know each other the way best friends know each other.
I have two challenges for you today. First, call your best friend this week and if possible make some time for each other. God built us to be in relationships that feed our souls. Next, call on the Lord and make some time for Him. Show him the face you are wearing today. Seek His face so that He can show you that He loves every part of you completely and without reservation.  He can’t help Himself but to love you and I feel confident that He wants to show you that right where you are today.